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Bad news browser-based Gnarshmallow players, the Flash technology Gnarshmallow for web browsers depends on is no longer supported by Adobe, and many of you will no longer be able to play here as of January 12, 2021. You're stuck until I move the game to another technology, and I have no idea when I'm doing that.

If you still have an outdated version of Flash player (older than version and a compatible web browser you may still be able to play below, but remember it is a security risk to your computer. I haven't tested this out.

Gnarshmallow for iOS and Android are still available, although they definitely lack some features the Flash version has.

Gnarshmallow requires the Flash Player. If Flash no longer works for you, try out the less complete Gnarshmallow for iOS and Android at


Now you can ride as a snowboarder! Pick it from the dropdown under Rider in the Options.
Thank-you Camp of Champions staff for the help with the grabs!


Arrow keys to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter.
WASD to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter

G or H to Lincoln Loop left and right

Z or J = mute grab
There are others to discover...

HOME will reset the skier

Click on the game if the keys don't work.

Turn on 'Use Start Point' if you want to always start your line from the same spot.

Level Editing

Click on 'Options' on the top left and hit the Edit button. You'll be able to click and drag the level and certain terrain features around. Press Zoom Out to get an overview of the whole mountain and move things farther.

Click Ride (and Zoom In if you've zoomed out) to ride your new mountain. Click on 'Options' again to hide the menu.



Thank-you Edg and his Tracks game for inspiration, for the endless suggestions, PaperVision3D for the 3D stuff, Grant Skinner & Mr Doob for the fps/memory meters, and PureMVC for keeping stuff neat.